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For Matters of Life and Death

My specialties are guiding people within themselves to create an inspired and fulfilling life and supporting people while they navigate the profound terrain of life's impermanence.

For details about my current offerings and availability, click the Inquiries button at the top of the page.

For Matters of

life coaching and immersive guide


If you are looking for a trusted guide to help you craft your desired life, I can take you into the heart of yourself for the answers and clarity that you need.

using your death as your life coach


If you want to befriend your own death in order to live a more fulfilling life, I have the skills and knowledge to offer the practices and support you need.

end of life coaching and consulting


If you are coming face-to-face with your own death and would like someone to walk with you, I am deeply experienced and uniquely trained to be at your side.  

For details about my current offerings and availability, click the Inquiries button.


Who I Am

Holly Emmer, BSN, RN, GC-C

I am not your ordinary life coach… or death coach, for that matter*.
I am a certified
 immersive guide with limited concurrent clients to ensure I am supporting you fully while we travel together on your journey.

I am a registered nurse, a shamanic practitioner of the Maker tradition, lay grief counseling certified, and a consultant for end-of-life considerations as an INELDA-trained death midwife. 

Devoted to supporting personal growth, I particularly specialize in empowering people to confront and subdue their fear of death so that they may thrive with a more resilient and peaceful heart.


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C.S. - client of shamanic energy work

"I feel very comfortable in where I am at within myself in regards to (x). I am not fearful or nervous about future encounters. I cannot begin to explain to you how huge this is for me!!! This feels so wonderful and healthy! Thank you very, very much for being an instrument in my healing!"
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